How does an Electric or Electronic Toothbrush Work?

Today’s electronic toothbrush is usually driven with a rechargeable battery billed through inductive charging when the brush sits in the charging bottom between uses.
An electronic toothbrush can be categorized as a power, sonic or ultrasonic toothbrush based on the frequency (speed) of its movements. This classification can be depending on if the electronic toothbrush makes movements that are below, in, or above the audible range (20-20,000 Hz or 2400-2,400,000 movements each and every minute), respectively. Movements at sonic rates of speed are created by a motor. Regarding ultrasonic toothbrushes, ultrasonic movements are made by a piezoelectric crystal. A power, electric, or electronic toothbrush is a toothbrush that makes rapid, automatic bristle motions, either back-and-forth oscillation or rotation-oscillation (where the brush head alternates clockwise and counterclockwise rotation), in order to clean teeth.

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